Create A Unique Birth Song & Portrait For Your Newly Arriving Child

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'The Blooming'

‘The Blooming' is a song in collaboration with Equanimous and an example of a birth song that Marya wrote for the souls coming through at this time to incarnate on our precious planet.
Composed of two different birth songs created by Marya for two dear sisters who were each having a spring birth, ‘The Blooming’ is a combination and adaptation of verses from each of those songs.

It is a prayer of conscious conception, a remembering for parents who are calling to the spirit of their unborn child, and a love song for those prepping for the moment of their birth.

In both cases, the lyrics were written after hearing the mothers speak about their story of conception, the dreams they were having about their child, and the symbolic language that they were perceiving in connection to the spirit of their unborn baby. 
Our prayer is that the songs and images we will weave together through ceremony, storytelling, and deep listening will bless the families we work with in the same way 'The Blooming' blessed the mamas Marya wrote their songs for. 


Birth Song and Portrait 

Pregnancy and birth is a unique time in a family's life, both for the parents and the soul that is coming to earth. Creating a Birth Song and Portrait unique to you gives you and your family the opportunity to make a time capsule of the story around the birth- allowing art and song to capture a precious commemoration of the sacred time just before and after being born.

This song is a song that can be shared with your child as they grow through the stages of their development as a reminder of the love, intention, and blessing that you as a family are weaving for their lives. This kind of anchor can be very powerful for a person. Imagine being an adult and having heard your birth song dozens of times in your life. What kind of meaning would that song have for you as you continue to rebirth yourself over and over?

Through creative expression and storytelling, Marya and Tessa will weave with the parents in an alchemical unfolding, co-creating living prayers to be truly treasured for years and even generations to come. 

 Cowrite An Original Song During Your Pregnancy


Once we decide to work together, we will have several calls with you to learn about the story of your child's conception and guide a ceremonial space to connect with your spirit baby. From these sessions we will write and record a song imbued with a special message and protection uniquely created for your child.

After your child is born, we will receive a photo of the child from you and create a portrait in collaboration with your vision. Once it's complete, we will print and present it to you as a keepsake for your family, commemorating this auspicious event. 

This series is a perfect gift for a person you love who is expecting or has just given birth, and can be easily adapted to newborns within the first year of life. 

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Session #1

Share the story of your child's conception and be guided into a ceremonial space to commune with the spirit of your child.

Session #2

Co-write a song based on the story you shared and what emerged from the meditation and ceremony.

This is the song Marya will record and finalize for you to keep.

Session #3

Once your child is born, you will get to share about the birth story with us while we hold you on the other side of the journey of birthing. From this ceremony we will create an image with Tessa based on the energy signature of that experience. 

You'll Recieve

A professionally finished recording of your original Birth Song: The unique conversation co-written between you and your child. 


A finished creative portrait of your newborn created with the story of your birth and the journey your young one took to come here.

You'll Also Receive

Several sessions with Marya and Tessa supporting you and tuning into your birthing journey alongside you.

Consider us as a creative muse layer of your doula team, holding the outer edges of your birth journey with you, and supporting integration through art and song

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Working Creatively With Tessa and Marya


We two, Marya and Tessa, have been creative collaborators for over 18 years. From photography, digital art, crafts, sound and film, we have forged a friendship in co-creative ceremonial art as a way to honor all life as sacred.

We would be honored to work closely with you and your family during this special time of pregnancy and child birth. We are committed to supporting you with creative medicine in anchoring in a prayer as a celebration of this new life, your evolution as a parent, and as a blessing for the health and wellbeing of your family. 


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