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Welcome to the Temple Of The Muse, an online creative sanctuary and training center for those interested in cultivating a devoted relationship to the Muse within.

This is a community for individuals embracing the arts as a method for growth, self-discovery and fulfillment.

Founded by Marya Stark, Temple Of The Muse is dedicated to the up-liftment of humanity through encouraging creative self-expression and personal development through tending to our relationship with Divine Inspiration.

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Rooms In The Temple

Rose Womb Sanctuary

 In this space, we explore sacred feminine arts, rites of passage, harnessing the powerful energies in the womb center, lineage healing, and sanctifying the womb as a space for creativity.

Sound Jedi

Here, we explore the mysteries of sound, the voice, and cultivating our unique expression as a tool for empowerment, embodiment, and attuning to the great song of creation as a path of rapture and wonder.

Hall Of
The Bardic Arts

 Come learn the arts of songwriting, storytelling, performance, and the wild ways of Courting the Muse. The muse reveals as a door to intimacy with the soul. Take the steps on the path of devotion and bring creative vision to life.

Theater & Gallery

 Through this door, enter the living library of music, poetry, story-telling, imagery, and film that has birthed through Marya as an offering to the Divine Spark.

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