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This 9-Month, Mythic Womb Empowerment Journey Is A Gateway To Your True Creative Expression.




The Rose Petalled Path is for the creative, the entrepreneur,
the artist, the woman ready to burst into her full bloom.


This is for the woman who has heard the creative muse knocking at the door of her heart,

but has denied herself the right to claim herself as an artist. 


Until Now. 

Through this journey you are invited to uplevel, reignite and rediscover your creative expression through a combination of songwriting as a method for soul flowering, vocal alchemy practices to support soul expansion and embodiment, and womb initiations to guide you to your seat upon the throne of your power.

The womb is a sanctuary where magic awakens
Your voice a precious gift
Your song an ancient medicine that is needed now more than ever 
















A Safe And Sacred Place To…


  • Explore yourself intimately as a creative vessel
  • Locate, tend to, and nurture the places where you withhold, are blocked, or have silenced yourself
  • Cultivate songwriting as a method of personal ceremony, integration, and healing
  • Open your vocal channel 
  • Expand your songwriting capacities
  • Initiate yourself into new levels of creativity
  • Develop deeper awareness around the nuances of being female-bodied, aligning with natural time, and cultivating healthy boundaries for personal creativity
  • Step into your path as a womb guardian, a steward of the sacred
  • Rebirth yourself into a more self-aware, confident, and clear creative vessel
  • Discover the support working with your womb can provide to your creative expression in every aspect of your life, no matter what chapter of life you are in


My Story With Voice Of My Womb

Several years ago, after a culmination of personal womb healing and participating in some very sacred and life-changing women's circles and ceremonies, I wrote a collection of songs. These songs tumbled out all at once, as I learned and integrated many layers of my own rites of passage, lineage healing, vocal liberation, and defining the archetypes of the feminine that were wanting expression through me.


As I shared these songs in circles of women, they began to spread, being shared in ceremonies and rites of passage work all over the world. It has been incredibly touching to witness these songs take on a life of their own. I have been inspired and ignited to support women through some of the alchemical processes I have journeyed through in order to empower them to discover songs within themselves.


For several years, I led groups of women on a 13-week journey in Voice Of My Womb. Seeing countless women go through this process, I have been blessed to be a part of radical life changes, up-leveling realizations, personal breakthroughs, and profound self-initiations. I have witnessed the birth of hundreds of velvety rich songs poured forth from the fountain of inspiration that is opening to the innate muse within.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than witnessing the birth of these womb songs!


One thing that the 13-week journey didn’t provide for me was enough time...

Time to truly sit with the initiations that occur as we walk through these gateways of development.

Time to listen to the whispers of wisdom rising up from the womb.

Time to truly drop into profound messages and healings wanting to happen as a result of this deep work.

We had time to explore some, yes, but I longed for the space to go through the deep alchemy of the creative process, the kind that transforms us from the inside out, and fully ignites the song lines of legacy within the beautiful sisterhoods that formed. 


And thus, the Rose Petalled Path was born. 


A 9-month container with ample time for gestation, for us to nurture and truly rebirth into a new way of being, to not be in a rush to go through these initiations, and to be in the natural space of exploration within the richness of the treasures discovered along the way. 


We are writing our legacy on the petals of the roses that we lay upon the path.

We are musing with the cycles of life, becoming ever infused with the fragrance of the rose in her glorious phases, and bringing this rich essence into every aspect of our lives.

This 9-month journey is a rebirthing of ourselves as creatives vessels, steeped in the medicine of the womb, the rose, and the alchemy of embodying natural time.



















This Experience Includes:

  • ~ 24 Live VirtualĀ Sessions (2-3x a month for 9 months Tuesdays 6 pm PST)
    ~Ā TrainingsĀ in Vocal Alchemy, Womb Wisdom, Energetics,
    Creativity and Songwriting
    ~ Intimate Mentorship Circles
    ~ Downloadable Meditations
    ~ Ā Worksheets
    ~ Special Guest MentorsĀ 
    ~ Optional Accountability PartnersĀ 
    ~ All Access Members AreaĀ 
    ~ Call Recordings (Available minimum 2 Years)
    ~ Private Facebook Group
    ~Ā 2 Virtual 2-Day RetreatsĀ 



 Shri Steep

"This most recent round of work, Voice of My Womb - The Rose Petalled Path, was absolutely beyond the beyond. I joined it while in the midst of a personal crisis which left me feeling as though I'd been sucked dry of any creative juices. I told Marya in my application I was worried I may not ever write a song again. 

Despite (or perhaps even because of) my deep chi depletion, Marya welcomed me with open arms, and thus began a journey not only back to my voice, but back to my true self. 

Being held in an extended container, continuously concentrating upon the wisdom of the womb gates and the emergence of the muse unlocked previously untapped realms of inspiration and insight within me, and by the close of the container, I was as if reborn, alive again with song and story, creativity pulsing through each breath. 

As with anything, of course, when you work a thing, it works you - and I am so glad I showed up, did the work, and let the beauty and sweetness of this Rose Petalled Path work me. 

Whether you feel yourself to be a well-established musician, a "layperson" in the music world, or someone simply looking to develop a deeper relationship with the womb and it's wisdom, I *highly* encourage you to check out this course. Show up for it. Engage with the practices. Commit to courting your inner muse and delving your inner depths. I promise you, you'll blow your own mind with the magic you bring forth as a result of your encounter with the muse that is Marya and her enchanted realm."

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The Petals of the Path

~  Muse Devotion ~

Cultivate a relationship with the Muses as a way to know parts of ourselves more deeply in Devotion to creation and our unique collaborative role within the Mystery. This is a form of parts work to embrace the Sacred within and throughout all life.


~ Vocal Alchemy ~

Develop singing practices as a tool for self-healing, repatterning, and empowerment. Embrace daily vocal rituals for embodiment, cultivation of imagination, spherical integrity, and activation of the multiple layers of being.

~ Rites of Passage ~

Work with the rites of the feminine lifecycle to heal your ancestral bloodline, awaken to the womb rhythms within, honor your lineage, and become more confident in your body, sensuality, and natural way of being. 

~ Songwriting and Creativity

Explore the different aspects of songwriting, types of song, and how to open to receive song. Learn how to cultivate pleasure and presence through courting the muse of words, sounds, rhythm, and expressions. Learn about natural rhythms and cycles of creativityand the art of receiving songs through your channel. Have a space to workshop ideas, and be witnessed and uplifted in your authentic voice. 

Energy Cultivation ~

Learn specific Qi cultivation practices for Creative Flow, Clarity, Sensuality, and Presence. This includes Meditations for Ovarian Health, hormonal balancing, Womb Healing, and cultivating healthy energetic boundaries. 


~ A Community of Women ~

Receive the medicine of sisterhood. Witness others and be witnessed in your growth. Open to your innate gifts, and share your medicine songs with women who are ready to embrace and be touched by your evocations of the moment. 

~ Ritual and Ceremony

Be guided through personal and communal practices for transforming outdated shells of being, and rebirthing yourself into more of you truly are.

Emotional Literacy ~

Learn specific skills of compassionate communication & relational healing. Cultivate an increased literacy of emotions, needs, and tools for self-empathy. Practice identifying learned patterns, while practicing new ways of being with your experiences, emotions, and stories.

~ Archetypal Healing ~

Identify parts of self and integrate the council within. Learn to attune to and listen to multiple aspects of your wisdom self, differentiating and making space for all of you to be loved, seen, heard, and supported.


Alexandra Mathews

"The space Marya creates and holds is one of the most exquisite that I have had the pleasure to participate in. I am deeply honored and grateful to have found her as a teacher, muse and fellow sister. When I discovered the Voice of My Womb 3 month online portal, it sounded like everything I was interested in all wrapped up in one and it was that AND SO MUCH MORE! I was so impressed by the level of organization and follow through with sharing of materials and resources, not to mention just HOW MUCH was shared and the vastness of topics that we dove into that all synergistically wove together. I would highly recommend this course to any woman who is wanting to dive deeply into her soul and connect with her power source: her womb, her voice and everything in between. This is not your typical songwriting workshop. Songwriting just happens to be the container for this mystery school that dives deeply into healing our hearts and our ancestral lineage. You will completely redefine your relationship to your womanhood and reclaim the joy of being a woman in this lifetime. I felt so held with love, grace, compassion, humor and celebration by Marya and all of the sisters in the course. This experience has only confirmed my love and devotion for the power of sound and the voice to heal ourselves and the planet as a life path. This journey is absolutely delicious, deep and life changing.”

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~ Ā Tending The Rose Ā ~
A percentage of the tuition for this programĀ willĀ be donated to independent and localĀ organizations giving direct support to families affected by the Maui fires.Ā 


Magedelion Moondrop Founder of Shakti Sound

“Marya Stark the archetypal seamstress of all stories into song. To witness how you listen to the messages you are hearing from the group and build around that is so inspiring. Your full power unleashes when you share about the womb, the cycles of creativity, of needing our time to be quiet and observing, of honoring our time to be extra sensitive and precise about the things that are not how we fully want them to be, and honoring the times in which we are about to birth or just have whether it be an actual child or a project, within this potent wisdom you carry such valuable Rites of Passage for us all. I was transported back to Avalon and ancient times where women lead community with sacred rituals. You brought so much of the pieces that makes everything else we learn fully land. Around breaking through creative blocks, claiming our confidence, our space and healing our voice. And to learn the intricate way in which you catch and write songs got so many of us writing and expressing. I so appreciate the accessibility I feel in your presence, the grounded magic and the deep depths of all parts of womanhood you allow and give permission for.”

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"Marya is beyond brilliant. A true bard goddess muse of ancient times come to bless us with magic! Her Voice of my Womb course was instrumental in me anchoring daily practices that have helped move me forward in the creation of songs. How she weaves together womb & voice healing is very special and so needed.It is both a journey of healing and creativity. I am still feeling the ripple effects of the course long after it’s completion!

Highly recommend this journey."



"Before taking one of Marya’s courses for years I have been captivated by her music, she is one of the most tapped-in, tuned-in visionary arts of our time (in my humble opinion). If you are considering taking one of her courses I would say absolutely 100% yes, you won’t regret it! I participated in Voice of My Womb and it had a profound impact on my life (just as her music has), that is still unraveling.  We dived deep into so many realms that were enlightening and healing to unpack.  Her course was a catalyst for integrating cycle syncing into my life, for that alone I am forever grateful."


- Odelle

This Voice Of My Womb Journey, with Marya, was so precious. As a devotion to myself, my womb, my voice and creations I said yes with a lot of emotion - emerging from the portal of an early birth (miscarriage). Alongside so many sisters, hearing their songs. All so unique and filled with power, grace, magic, light and love. This was profound. Having the space to create and be witnessed in my song and creations was deeply healing and amplifying for my continued song creation. Marya held the space with such reverence, yet joy and humor... the wise playful child. And all of the guests were a welcome addition, especially Gma! Wow, I was deeply moved by this experience with an elder. Now I come away with such amplified devotion to my womb-heart song birthing into this world! Deep gratitude!



"Thank you Marya for unleashing the songstress within my Womb! I always knew she was there, yet until taking this course, was not able to access her voice. VOW transformed my poems into songs and my emotions into sound. I am in eternal gratitude for being guided to uncovering the music of my voice and activate the codes of my feminine intuition through this creative and visionary coursework! Marya shares her wisdom freely and with an passion and enthusiasm that is electric and engaging. Her creativity, attention to detail, guest speakers and true investment in our success made it a pleasure to show up every week. Through our work with the blood gates I was able to trace my ancestry and innerstand the healing my DNA needs to clear the trauma stored in my lineage.  I feel like I am ready to hit the studio and produce an album! I have confidence in the sound of my voice and my message in a way that I never did before. Yes, Marya’s Voice of My Womb made such a deep impact on my spirit that I re-enrolled for a second round."



Marya is a mystical, beautiful, powerful soul that exemplifies how a woman can hold power in the most feminine way. It's been an inspiration and a true honor to join her in the Voice of My Womb journey. I learned so much from all my now WombSisters and came into embracing my own feminine power. My voice strengthened as I opened up to the precious vibrations of my sacred womb space. I highly recommend this class to any female-bodied sister, wanting to meet their womanhood and nurture herselves. Cheers to all the Womb Sisters across time and space, and to Marya for helping spread the womb-wisdom.


Keiley Joy

“This journey with Marya transformed my relationship to my craft, my ability to channel songs and speak with a deeper authenticity in my music. I was honestly afraid of writing music- most of the songs that I'd written until this course were "transmissions" and came during random moments of inspiration.  It was through this course I not only integrated practices that create a sustainable relationship with the muses of inspiration, but I also found out that all this time I'd only been singing from one aspect of myself and hadn't allowed my aching bits, my longing, my sensuality, my rage to have a voice. Through our explorations I came home to a deeper realization of my personal mythos and how I arrive in the world. In a supported and intimate container of sisters I was able to move through deep wounds, blockages and epiphanies about what lives deep within my heart and my womb.”

About Your Guide

My name is Marya. I am a passionate artist and soul explorer. I am devoted to supporting women rebirthing themselves through tending to the inner creative genius and cyclical wisdom.

I have spent a lifetime steeped in various creative arts and healing modalities. This offering is the synthesis of the best of what I have learned to support myself and hundreds of women in unfolding their birthright of creative embodiment.




This Path Is Perfect For You If You Have A Desire To:

šŸŒ¹ Activate and develop the healing powers of your voice through daily explorations

šŸŒ¹ Learn potent vocal alchemy practices that will help you embrace a new life-time relationship to your sound

šŸŒ¹ Build a healthy connection to your womb, your feminine essence, and your creativity

šŸŒ¹ Cultivate songwriting as a personal creative outlet and soul craft

šŸŒ¹ Have accountability and community

šŸŒ¹ Move through the resistances to engaging your Muse, and surrender to her medicine

šŸŒ¹Attune to the magic of your rhythm, your natural cycle, and the experience of being a womb carrier

šŸŒ¹ Have a safe space to be seen, heard, and expressed in your creative process

šŸŒ¹ Share the howling song of your soul 


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2023-2024 Season Now In Session

Ā Apply to be on the waitlist for the nextĀ session. Ā 


I Look Forward To Seeing You On The Path Ahead