Here you will find resources, gifts and musings to enrich your journey into the bardic arts and devotional creative explorations. 

Songwriting Exercises



Song of the Riverstone:

Muse Mission:
go out to the wilds near a shallow creek. find a stone, and find three faces in the stone. ask the faces a question you have, and listen for the answers the three faces give. weave the answers into a song


Song of the Book Oracle

Go somewhere beautiful outside and bring a favored book.

Spend a few minutes breathing gently, relaxing your mind. Allow for a question to bubble. This can be a personal question, or collective curiosity, or something you are wanting to open imaginative thinking about.

Open your book to a page and write down a few words or phrases that inspire you. Continue writing in response to them as though they are allies, answering part of your question. Let your free form writing flow in any direction that naturally comes.

Open another page.
Repeat the process.

Do this a few times more times until you have many words, phrases, and threads to weave with. Often times from these building blocks the unconscious mind will start revealing little treasures, metaphors. imagery.

Ask your question again. Put down the book. Follow the thread and don't stop writing.
Ask for the song to show itself. Let the song write itself.
Keep going. 

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