About Marya


"My name is Marya (rhymes with Arya) and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I currently reside in Grass Valley, Ca in a sweet forest home beside a creek. Here in our little valley, we are visited by blue herons, deer, hawks, owls and squirrels, and  purslane lettuce grows wildly all around the land.
My creative passions are songwriting, music producing, performing and world building. I love studying the intersection of spirit, story and psyche, and weaving these discoveries through my art. I currently integrate these studies and express my passions primarily through producing albums, visual media and immersive mythic storytelling performance experiences. 
As a part of my bardic vocation, I tend this online learning space, Temple Of The Muse, where I offer workshops, courses, intimate group journeys and trainings. These offerings are the integration of nearly two decades of practice as a Music Therapist, Medical Qigong Therapist, Independent Artist + Transformational Guide. I bring perspectives from  studies in Buddhism, Energetic Psychology, the Development of the Psyche, Relational Health and Daoist Energy Cultivation. 

The offerings in this space are designed for nourishing the inner muse, developing knowledge of self through vocal alchemy, practicing skills in songwriting, therapeutic creativity, soul craft, womb wisdom, and exploring the path of human unfoldment.
I consider myself a devotee of The Maha Muse, and feel grateful to be living my life 100% immersed in these passionate endeavors, in service to life through the arts. What a gift.
In this realm, I am committed to being a stand for you to make the space necessary to nurture your creative dreams and callings. I am here to walk alongside you as a steward of the realms of possibility, imagination, and reverence for the great creative intelligence living through us, as us."
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