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"Through working with Marya, my sound has completely transformed. I feel more alive in my being, and am communicating clearer in my relationship with self and others. I have vocal alchemy tools that I use daily to change the frequency of my now experience. I no longer feel like I’m floating around in the imaginary realm of song and story, but moving the muse through when she comes, and taking the time to tend these seeds into mighty visions that serve hearts everywhere."

- Autumn Rose

 “Marya's teachings helped me transform my relationship to my craft, my ability to channel songs and speak with a deeper authenticity in my music. I was honestly afraid of writing music- most of the songs that I'd written until this course were "transmissions" and came during random moments of inspiration.  I not only integrated practices that create a sustainable relationship with the muses of inspiration, but I also found out that all this time I'd only been singing from one aspect of myself and hadn't allowed my aching bits, my longing, my sensuality, my rage to have a voice. Through our explorations I came home to a deeper realization of my personal mythos and how I arrive in the world. 

- Keiley Joy

“Marya Stark the archetypal seamstress of all stories into song. You brought so much of the pieces that makes everything else we learn fully land. Around breaking through creative blocks, claiming our confidence, our space and healing our voice. And to learn the intricate way in which you catch and write songs got so many of us writing and expressing. I so appreciate the accessibility I feel in your presence, the grounded magic and the deep depths of all parts of the human experience you allow and give permission for.”

- Magdelion Moondrop


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