Spark in the Dark
Nourishing the Winter Muse

Simplify Your Focus
to Amplify Your Devotion


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In this workshop session, we will

  • Explore simplifying external distractions to amplify your internal intent.
  • Work deliberately with the energy of rest as restoration and essential nutrients to the greater creative cycle you are in.
  • Learn the art of personal solitary creative retreat as a method for harnessing the potency of the energies available during the winter season.

If you have a dream you want to nourish the seeds of this winter, join us on the journey of making the space required for these seeds to awaken their spark. 

Come renew your creative vision and cultivate a space to go deep into the winter dream at the roots of the tree of your creative legacy.


Who this is for


Anyone who is involved in creative process and wants to dive deeper into how to be in deliberate connection with each chapter of the creative experience.

- Why I Am Passionate About This -

In modern consumer culture, there is often emphasis placed on continuous creative output and performance. This leaves a big gap regarding essential aspects of the health of a creative cycle.

It is time to return to the remembrance
of your own natural rhythms of integration and rest. 

When this natural rhythm is prioritized and tended to with reverence,
profound magic is possible. The potency of creative vision and conception arrives in the stillness and emptying out.

Creativity follows a natural ebb and flow,
who's mysteries are reflected in the changing of the seasons.

In the northern hemisphere, we are entering the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. This is a season of reflection, contemplation, simplification, and internal nourishment. The sap of the trees returns to the roots. Leaves from the previous cycle of blooming fall, returning to nourish the soils.

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What would happen if you took the step this winter season to follow the wisdom of natures intelligence?
How invigorated could your creative long-game become as you took the time to draw in and potentize the alchemical nectar that feeds the whole body of your vision?

Join me, Marya Stark, for a
 2 hour workshop for cultivating methods to tend the health of the creative cycle during the season of rest. 

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