The Embodied Womb

Cultivate Deeper Polarity & Feminine-Masculine Harmony with the Wisdom of Your Moon Cycle


Polarity Teacher & Artist Madelyn Moon

Storyteller & Musical Bard Marya Stark

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Sure, you've had a moon cycle for as long as you can remember. But how well do you really know her?

For the majority of my adulthood, my Moon Cycle was an inconvenience (despite being born with a last name that would suggest otherwise).

It was always getting in the way of my work ethic, it created unpredictable riffs in my relationship, it "kept me" from having sex and it ruined more yoga pants than I'd like to admit. It wasn't until I started working with Marya on the unique phases of each month (four phases to be precise) that I begin to realize the MAGIC of the cycle.

After tracking my cycle for one full year, I can honestly say that it has been one of the most life-giving practices I have adopted in my ten years.

It has contributed to every area of life :

When I host workshops (like this one), when I schedule dates, when I know to ask for a little more support, when not to text back that triggered friend immediately, when to work on my book or make videos, when to create a sacred temple for sex with my partner and so much more.

We are so fortunate to have this built-in system in our very bodies. It would be a crime not to use the wisdom of our wombs to deepen intimacy with all of life!

- Madelyn Moon

Many modern women working to keep up with the momentums and timelines established by the bottom line find themselves burnt out and unable to continue. This is for a good reason. It is not natural for a woman’s body, psyche, and emotional well-being to acclimate to the pace of modernity. There is rarely a moment to adhere to the deep intuitive subtle whispers of the womb, where she would be given the appropriate space to listen for what’s next.

I’ve seen it time and time again. I’ve lived it. I was miserable, and felt that there was something off in the pace of my world. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get past the feeling that I was living my life out of tune with the power and capacity I knew I was born with. It was maddening.

Then things changed. I became really clear that I needed to learn about my cycle and how to best optimize my life so that I could create from a place that allowed me to live more soulfully. It meant having to change some core beliefs about my value, and making some essential adjustments with what I expected of myself. Clearing old resentment, guilt, and being so damn hard on myself.

Slowly, over time, I began creating from a place that is WAY more tuned in to the natural timing that my body feels excited to keep pace with, and I have found myself to be more creative and fulfilled than ever in my life!

By slowing down, Ive been able to draw from a deeper well and way of being.

I believe that when a woman steps off the rat-race track, and reclaims the power and beauty of her NATURAL TIME, anything is possible.

- Marya Stark

Ready to unlock some jazzy womb secrets?


You are not the same woman every day.


Inner Feminine & Masculine Harmony

Learn which parts of the month are best for your masculine clarity vs. your feminine heart. Discover your unique rhythm so you can plan better for those big conversations!

Set Your Relationships Up for Success

Discover how you can set up your lover for the MOST success with you, depending on what time of the month it is!

Plan Your Month in Advance w/ Your Cycle in Mind

When is the best time to go on a date? To work on your book? To make art? To do your bookkeeping? To have a heart-to-heart with you mom? Find out in this workshop!

Create Art!

Your Moon Cycle holds powerful secrets to your inner artist. Uncover the best times to create relational art, versus when it may be better to simply slow down and dialogue. Different times of the month call for different methods!

EVERYONE is welcome

Regardless of whether or not you are currently a bleeding woman, you have a specific cycle that influences your emotions, work ethic, relationships and more. This work is still applicable to you.

Greater Intimacy with Your Body

After tracking your Moon Cycle for awhile, you will begin to both understand and predict emotions and energy levels. You'll be able to prepare for each phase by adjusting your days accordingly.

Get the Most Out of Your Relationships

The emotions that come from your Moon Cycle do not have to deter your intimacy with others! In fact, when you understand your cycle, you can begin to deepen your relationships by setting up practices that support you both.


There will be time for Q&A at the end of class to cover any specific questions you have about your Moon Cycle in relation to your relationships.

What others have to say about Marya and Madelyn...

"I'm feeling much more relaxed and playful around my partner, and he's been more attentive to my energy and emotional nuances. It's amazing how having this new awareness brought such a huge shift. Thank you Madelyn!"

- Anik G.

"Marya is beyond brilliant. A true bard goddess muse of ancient times come to bless us with magic! Her Womb course was instrumental in me anchoring daily practices that have helped move me forward in my creative process. How she weaves together womb & voice healing is very special and so needed. It is both a journey of healing and creativity. I am still feeling the ripple effects of this work long after it’s completion!"

- Dakota C.

Meet Your Teachers

Madelyn Moon

If a tantrika made love to a comedian, you'd get Madelyn.

Madelyn Moon is the creator of the top-ranked US podcast, Mind Body Musings. She's an actor, 1:1 coach, a writer and speaker. She is the artist behind the popular Instagram videos teaching love-hungry humans how to turn relationship drama into healing dharma.

She's also an ecstatic for love, a Bhakti practitioner and a regular ole gal who watches more 90 Day Fiancé than she wants you to know.

Marya Stark

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, music producer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and international teacher of expressive arts as a path of transformation. Her body of work is steeped in the arts of music therapy, mythical folklore, energetic medicine and womb awakening.

Her most recent release Sapphire has seen airplay from NPR and was picked as one of the Top 25 Featured Artists for October on Echos.

She is the founder of Temple Of The Muse, where she serves a growing student body in the cultivation of prolific creativity, inner alchemy, womb wisdom, songwriting as soul craft, and vocal empowerment. She is a chaser of waterfalls, a lover of wonder, and a receiver of songs between the worlds.

"The call was amazing and I'm so grateful to have a group to explore this with. Somehow doing it on your own can feel so isolating and less motivating. I wish I learned all this when I was 20."

- Adrienne J 🌹

"I’m literally going to do my calendar right now and color-coding every phase!"

- Brianna 💕

"When Madelyn introduced me to the feminine and masculine, magic found me again. It's lit up my world with energy and sparkles and both the power of the light and dark ever since."

- Jade 🦋

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