Anchor Into Your Muse Vessel

Every being is a vessel, in collaboration with creation. When we tend to the relationship with our womb as an alchemical cauldron + our voice as a paintbrush of our essence, we begin to unlock and polish the jewels within.

Experience being a primary source of creativity in your life in sacred alliance with all that emerges from the unknown.  Step into your claiming fo your innate creative gifts and offer them to the world in a refined way.


In this 3-day experiential masterclass, I share my foundational practices of tending the vessel and connecting with the treasure house of the womb within.


Using vocal alchemy techniques, you will move into deeper alliance with your body as an instrument. Discover your womb as a sanctuary, holding life-giving gifts that unfold when you listen to the wisdom of your being.



This 3 day session was recorded live over equinox in september of 2021.
Recordings available for purchase.

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Develop new techniques that result in more joy,
creativity, and confidence.

Day 1 - Voice as Vessel

Day 2- Song as Alchemy

 Day 3- Womb as Sanctuary


This 3-day masterclass includes:

Three 90-min video calls

Practice Audio Downloads

Customized PDF Workbook

Price- $77

Discover The Jewel Within

About Your Guide

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, music producer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and international teacher of expressive arts as a path of transformation. Her body of work is steeped in the arts of music therapy, mythical folklore, energetic medicine and womb awakening.

She is the founder of Temple Of The Muse, where she serves a growing student body in the cultivation of prolific creativity, inner alchemy, womb wisdom, songwriting as soul craft, and vocal empowerment. She is a chaser of waterfalls, a lover of wonder, and a receiver of songs between the worlds.